Attention Cape Cod Rental and Vacation Property Owners!

Are you tired of paying Real Estate Companies enormous percentages or fees to rent and "manage" your property?
Have you ever noticed the broker is more interested in getting the place rented, but not too concerned with such major issues such as:

Property Management is more than finding renters, and collecting rent.

Most of these brokers do what they do well - find renters, sell properties and make money for themselves. But with the Real Estate Market in the tank, many brokers are looking for ways to fill the income gap they are feeling. But what really do they know about building maintenance, landscaping, cleaning, snow removal, customized 24 hr. rental support? Do they offer licensed security services during the periods the property is unattended? How fast will they respond mid week during a rental when the fridge stops working?

Most brokers are dependant on outside vendors, generally the lowest bidders; so that they can offer these services and still profit by them. They have little control on who is doing the work. Quality suffers, communication is bad, and coordination is even worse, all at premium cost to you, the end customer.

We have our own qualified people there within hours.

There Is a Better Way.

There is a way to get the results you crave and put more money in your pocket without hassles.

Most of our clients have found that renting their property is the easy part. For a little time and expense they can list their property in multiple places, get great results and not pay huge broker fees.

That's where Home Care Property Management Services, Inc. comes in. All you have to do is simply list your property online by yourself. There are many free or low cost, high traffic sites. No middle men, No Brokers! Done safely, securely, and all under your control. You rent on your terms. You collect the rent. We take care of the rest, that's what our business is.

We will manage the day-to-day needs of your rental property, minimizing any problems, and maximizing income. We coordinate routine and emergency repairs, handle trash removal, and provide security, grounds keeping, and cleaning. If it's something we don't do, we solicit bids from prospective vendors and recommend an appropriate vendor to the property owner, or landlord. We quickly respond to requests from tenants within parameters set by the property owner.

We have our own highly screened and trained employees which do all the work required to make your rental or vacation property a Turn Key operation at a low cost!

With Just One Call we will handle:

Home and Property maintenance
Pool, hot tub, sauna care
Renter greeting, orientation and 24hr support
Property inspections between renters
Fast, high quality cleaning services
Emergency services
State Police Licensed Property Watch and Patrols.
Many other customized services, - Just ask.

We don't require contracts.
We give written firm quotes and stick by them.
Best of all, our prices are low because we do it all.

"Home Care Property Management Services are my business partner on Cape Cod. I rent a vacation property that I own on the cape and HCPMS have provided critical services to me with regard to the rental of that property. HCPMS have responsibility for the cleaning of the house and linens between each rental, maintenance as required and changeover management services. The success of my rental business is tied to their ability to perform these services in an efficient and cost effective manner.
I highly recommend them for all of the above for the following reasons: